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Lose Your Mind And Come To Your Senses

We spend our lives in our own minds, consumed in our own thoughts, over run by our own egos, worrying about what we think we should worry about. Not living in the present moment and fearing the future based on what we have thought about in the past.

We give our minds so much power but often the wrong power.We believe our mind is out of control, and that we have no control over what we think or how we think it! We can live a life fueled by our egoic mind, living based on what we think we should have, what we want, desire, deserve, need, what we believe others think we should be, do, have, or live! Our conscious thinking mind can simply run away from us without us even know what we really think!

How many of our beliefs have been installed, imparted on us or borrowed from what others think our lives should be! If we actually paid attention to our mind, to our thoughts, to our beliefs would we really choose to think the way we think and believe what we believe?

What if you were to ‘LOSE YOUR MIND’ as you know it! Free your mind from its current state of programming! What if you could rewire, reconnect and re-inspire your thoughts! What if you were to simply ‘COME TO YOUR SENSES’

Most of us know the 5 senses taste, touch, smell, sound, sight…

But how many of us tune into our senses daily, in the moment. And, are you even aware of the moments you use these! Quiet probably not… Because just like our minds that we allow to run on autopilot we take our senses for granted too

So what if during our day we actually' came to our senses'

Imagine if every mouthful of food, every bite chewed, you allowed the flavours to roll around your mouth connecting with your taste buds and really tasting the flavours! What if you actually chewed your food to release every bit of flavour into your mouth, onto your tongue. Would you even enjoy the taste of the foods you choose to eat? How does food taste differently when you choose to savour it? What are the different flavours you notice?

Do you take in the smells around you? Are you aware of everything you put in your mouth releasing an aroma to your nostrils milliseconds before you taste it. What else do you smell throughout your day? Most of us only chose to bring attention to the smells we do not like, our dogs breath when he greets us, the pungent aroma from the sneaky office farter! We all notice the disgusting smells and outwardly comment instantly without a seconds thought at our disapproval. What if you came to your senses so easily with the smells you enjoy, noticing and breathing in flowers as we pass them, the faint scent of body wash or moisturisers we use daily, freshly brewed coffee or newly cut grass.

We all connect to touch during our days? Most of us shower daily and for many it is a mindless task, but what if you become mindful? imagine if you feel the touch of your hand on your skin, the way it feels as it glides over your body, do some areas enjoy more pressure, are some areas softer, how does it feel when you connect to your own touch? We may have loved ones, a simple hand hold, an embracing hug or sex. But how often do you embrace hugs, hold them and breathe into them fully. How does the connection of another's palm in your palm feel? The clothes on your skin, the keys under your fingers as your lightly typing? Are you present during sex? How does it feel, touch, penetration, arousal, juices have ever really 'come to your senses' during sex? Try it..' Lose your mind' under the touch and see how different you experience and your connection is!

We hear things all day, from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, and even while sleeping we can be easily woken by sounds. We create noise going about life, listen to music, podcasts, TV’s But are we really listening? How often do you have conversations on autopilot, in semi-switched off mode, assuming you know what the other person is going to say. How often are you listening to your own voice inside your head thinking about what you'll cook for dinner, or planning your next holiday! How often are you only listening to yourself, instead of engaging with others fully? What if you were to loose your mind and really hear, really listen to what people are saying, turn on your sense of listening, be fully present in the moment. How would it feel to really hear and understand what someone is saying? What if you were to listen fully to what's happening around you, the noise of your town, your environment, all the places you visit. Focus on what your hearing. What sounds do you notice now, hear the sounds of the life you are living!

What do you really see daily? What do you focus your eyes on, what do you look at? I really hope it’s more than your screen! Loose your mind in the colours that surround you everywhere, see their vibrancy, see contours and shapes that have always been there. Switch on your eyes and look at everything. Loose your mind in the wonder of nature and scenery, come to your senses when looking at the intricacy of anything that has been designed by man, see its detail. See the actual size of things, look at everything with fresh eyes. What have you been missing out on seeing? Be inspired by all you see, don't just take it for granted. It's amazing how we can pass the same window, building, person everyday and never look, but one day its no longer there and if we try to recall exactly what it looks like, we cannot! Is that because you have never really seen it fully?


OK, so it may not seem as obvious as our, eyes, nose, tongue, ears etc. We cannot physically touch it or see it … But this is our deepest sense of innate knowing, our intuition. We've all had times in our lives when we've had a sense something is off, not quite right, that things feel a miss!! This is your 6th sense telling you to loose your egoic mind and come to your senses. This is your deeper inner awareness telling you to really check in. This is your gut instinct! We all have them we all feel them, or hear the voice in our head questioning and doubting. This is where our mind can really take control and without awareness, can see us agree to something or make an action we are not entirely comfortable with. When we come to our senses, our 6th sense senses may often indicate we are in disagreement with something that is happening. If we stay with our mind we can agree to things we may letter regret, we can agree to things that don't sit comfortably! We let our mind control decisions based on someone else's, opinion, desires, needs or beliefs. We give our control away if we lose our mind and don’t come to our senses it can be quite damaging, often leaving us distrusting ourselves, questioning our own self worth.. But if we lose our mind and come to your senses fully, embody our 6th sense we feel it physically and energetically. We become so in-tune with our own truth, our own purpose, our own lives. We trust ourselves, love and respect ourselves fully. We have complete trust in ourselves knowing Intuitively we will always do the right thing in alignment with our truest selves fully. So remember always stay true to you…..


To explore your innate senses deeper and understand how you can be living your best life fully please contact me for your next session

Angie x

Lose your mind and come to your senses

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