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You've got to feel to heal

You may know I’ve been on my own healing journey on many levels of my life, emotionally and through physically illness, recently I was listening to a Kute Blackson podcast about how Love Heals and what he said I found to be so true on my own healing journey, so I am going to share some of his insights and my personal healing experiences with you.

For me to truly heal was to understand that emotional pain is a necessary part of the healing journey, and that this emotional pain is also temporary, it only remains for as long as we are prepared to allow ourselves to feel it and keep suppressing it, because while many people believe they are healing themselves by choosing to expel outward positivity, repeating mantras, saying the right words telling themselves that life is hunky-dory, If you haven’t felt and delved into the feelings, if you only dance with them and not truly felt into them, are you masking them while physiologically still holding on to the fear of feeling which often is the cause of illness or negative and repetitive thought patterns and behaviors, or whatever it may be you are healing.

When truly healing it can feel the very opposite of a good thing, because healing isn’t always the nice gentle massage of our emotional being that we hope it will be, and while a soft and nurturing approach is very comforting and certainly an easy place for most people to be, does it really allow you to fully express all that your subconscious mind is holding onto and its stuck patterns of believing, those which you are unaware that you even believe. As you repress and hold back your feelings, may it be that this repression itself is the true cause of the reason you actually need to heal!

As children we learn to suppress and shut ourselves down emotionally so not to feel the feelings that cause us pain, we do this to protect ourselves emotionally, however we carry this in our bodies from such young age, that this is part of the reason why it’s painful when we step into the healing process, it’s because we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel and express these feelings and to experience the depth of the unfamiliar, darkness and somewhat scary emotions that make us feel uneasy.

What is so bad about feeling that the experience of feeling itself has become one of our biggest fears?

Many people on there own healing journey will try to mentalise, do a spiritual bypass or mediate over something. I too do all of these myself and my intention here is not to understate them in any way, however I do raise the question why are we doing these...?

Are you trying to seperate your own thoughts from their truest feelings?

What are the feelings you are sidestepping?

What is it you are trying to avoid facing full on?

Why are you watching the thoughts come, silencing them and letting them go without experiencing the real feeling?

...Maybe it’s the only way you know how to feel safe! We create an identity for ourselves based on our model of the world and our feelings, this make us strong or independent and helps us succeed in life but what are the feelings underneath this strength and independence, are they coming from a place inside of us that is actually protecting us from expressing our true feelings and if so, is it blocking our relationship with ourselves and our healing process.

I understand the peace that comes from acceptance, meditation and bypassing but if you have not allowed yourself to fully experience the feelings can you really heal something you do not fully know how to feel.

Without feeling the feelings can you truly heal?

No feeling lasts forever, no matter how good or bad they may be, we can, and we do experience them over and over again, but as they come and go If we allow ourselves to feel authentically with awareness into them, even the unfelt and unfamiliar feelings then maybe we will no longer be fighting against or resisting and internalising these feelings.

Our own patterns keep us stuck, suffering and going through experiences. We can release and allow ourselves to be with the feeling, to experience it fully, and from a place of compassion hold ourselves in it, knowing it will pass if we welcome it without trying to suppress it,  then we can allow ourselves to truly heal.

It takes great courage to want to heal and to unravel the tangled weaves and surmountable layers of our beliefs and feelings, we’ve learnt to live inside our own prison of thought, patterns and beliefs, but once you unlock these old ways of being and can express your true feelings you breakthrough to emerge on the other side, and I know from my own personal experiences and those of clients I've worked with, the internal peace and sense of freedom is so incredibly worth it.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and my techniques help you to safely access repressed feelings and beliefs, I’ve worked with many people who have released illness, fear, negative patterns and even excess weight.

Call me today to book an appointment and let me help you on your healing journey.

Angie x

You've got to feel to heal

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