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Beliefs and Behaviors Empowerer

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut! Dis-empowered. Like you are only just holding it together. As though you are trapped in the past and can't see a way forward, no matter what you do?

Have you tried time and time again to make changes and feel that you are just unable to, no matter what you do?

I know these feelings because I was here too! Trapped in my own trauma, stuck in old patterns and the dis-empowering beliefs and other peoples opinions of who I should be,

how I should act and what I should do!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know because I found it. Now I am here, to help you, not only find your light, but to shine your light bright. Empowered with confidence, self esteem. Knowing you are worthy of living your very best life. From a place of calm, peace, joy and love consistently.



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Health Concerns,

Relationship Problems,

Stress, Anxiety, Depression,

Career Confusion,

Financial Fears,

Grief, Loss, Trauma, 

Lack of Confidence

Loss of Self Esteem

and more ...


Making Healthy Choices,

Feeling Empowered,

Staying Calm,

Being In Control,

Focused, Abundant, 

Secure, Balanced, 

Content, Living in Joy 

Confident, Worthy 

and more ...

Online Courses

Conscious Foundations

Conscious Life

Hypnosis for Serenity

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Personal Hypnotherapy

Beliefs & Behaviours Coaching 

Mentorship Programs

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Claire - Queenstown 

J.A.T - Wanaka

Helen - 'Workshops'

Conscious Serenity by Angie Howard 

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