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Meet Angie

Master Hypnotherapist.

Beliefs & Behaviors Empowerer.

Emotional, Somatic Body & Trauma Release Therapist.

Can you remember a time when you used to dream of how you’d like to live your life? Have you since found yourself trapped by limitations, unsure of how to go forward. Left feeling like a spectator in your own life. As though you're watching a game of which you're always on the loosing side?

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, dis-empowered, as if you're only just holding it together, no matter what you try to do?


Then you know it's time for you to change, don't you!

Even if you've tried in the past and things haven't worked for you, I am willing to say with your determination and desire to change and my skills, then hypnotherapy really can help you.

So, you know it’s now time to stop living in the past. To be present now fulfilled in the present moment. And looking forward to a successful future. 


Come with me on your journey to an

empowered and confident way of living.

A master of Hypnotherapy working with clients in person and globally online, Angie lives in the stunning beach side town of Mount Maunganui, on the North Island of New Zealand. Originally from the UK, Angie has always been fueled by a passion for travel and her adventurous spirit. Angie spent many years working in corporate environments before becoming awakened on her own personal life's journey through the empowering abilities of hypnotherapy.

Fast forward a few years, and more out of an opportunity for further personal development than a planned direction of career change. Angie trained under the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Staying true to her travelling spirit Angie dived deep into her training on the paradise island of Bali, Indonesia. Angie has since worked with people all over the world, either in person through 5 different countries or online with people of over 26 nationalities.

Also trained in NLP (neuro linguistic-programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) Angie's passion is to help you understand and overcome any outdated thoughts and limitations of your own minds way of thinking.To empower your beliefs and your bahaviours for a life of controlled and self-empowered action, so you are no longer living in a state of reaction, instead taking massive and confident action for yourself full of self-esteem, self-trust and an unwavering belief, fueled with self-love in all of your own possibilities

Understanding how our thoughts effect our feelings, Angie is also a trained Timeline Therapist. This enables you to not only change the thoughts to being more confident and positive, but to release any negative and unhealthy emotions, such as anger, sadness, hurt, fear or grief. As most unhealthy emotions lead back to these primary feelings.

And seeing as our bodies also carry the pain, the illness, the tension and dis-ease that is often caused by our thoughts, emotions and feelings Angie is also a Somatic Body and Trauma release therapist and can help you overcome beliefs around your body. And move you from a trauma state to an empowered, content, and confident place of living freely. 

Angie has lived an interesting life, having overcome her own trauma, life threatening and chronic illnesses Angie helps you from a place of professional abilities, accredited certifications and in-depth training along with her own understanding of life and the challenges we may be facing and striving towards overcoming.

What I love most about LIFE is being present at this very moment in time. Our minds are like an encyclopedia full of depth and knowledge, just how much is an infinite expanse we don't yet know!

I love being able to write my story as I go, day by day, moment by moment. The present story of how I chose to think, feel and act in any given moment.

We really do get to write the chapters, see the narratives unfold, feel good about the way your story is told. 

- Angie Howard Conscious Serenity.



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Health Concerns,

Relationship Problems,

Stress, Anxiety, Depression,

Career Confusion,

Financial Fears,

Grief, Loss, Trauma, 

Lack of Confidence

Loss of Self Esteem

and more ...



Making Healthy Choices,

Feeling Empowered,

Staying Calm,

Being In Control,

Focused, Abundant, 

Secure, Balanced, 

Content, Living in Joy 

Confident, Worthy 

and more ...

Healing the Mental,

the Emotional, the

Physical & the Energy



In person or online personal coaching tailored specifically to your needs, wants and desires. Using hypnotherapy, beliefs & behaviours empowerment, through CBT & NLP. Be free from pain & illness with somatic body release. Gain emotional freedom, control and stability with

Timeline therapy.

Online Programs

Join online programs for self empowered awareness & personal growth.  'Conscious Foundations' for empowering your needs, values & boundaries. Go deeper for a 'Conscious Life' clearing limiting beliefs & gaining clarity and freedom in all areas of your life.

Along with recorded self-hypnosis programs


"Under Angie's expert hypnosis I found myself at the root of my anxiety with ease and clarity - it was so obvious, but I never knew. We changed the experience right there and then, and I came back to an awake state feeling completely shifted, and fully supported in my being, ready to step forward and live a different kind of life."

- Claire, Queenstown

It was  as though

Angie could see through

to the very core of me.

No one has ever asked those questions, in such a way that revealed everything  I needed to understand and more. Angie  gently lifted emotions I'd painfully hidden for over 30 years to the surface and I let go surprisingly easily. 

 I feel so light and liberated.

Bless you Angie for persevering with me.

- J.A.T, Wanaka. 

Angie is a kind soul, who gracefully leads and guides an incredible journey to your own memories and emotional surprises. Though don't be fooled by this lovely lady, she knows when it's time to get in there she'll have you digging deeper than you thought was possible. She doesn't hold back and she won't let you hold back either. But let's be honest isn't that why we all need to see her? You can't hide from yourself here and you always walk away feeling the benefits and knowing it is worth it 

- Lea, Wanaka 

Angie is a beautiful soul and gifted healer who makes you feel safe from your very first moments with her. Sharing the chaos (and sometimes madness) inside your head with anyone, is a very scary and vulnerable thing to do. Angie guides you on a caring, trusted journey enabling you to really go deep into your self healing experience. I was in a state of absolute flux.The therapies were very powerful and enabling. I highly recommend Angie  and look forward to seeing her when I am next in NZ !!

- B.M, Online.

A big thanks to you and all the lovely people

I met  at the

Vision Board workshop.

Looking forward to future workshops-

which I would thoroughly 


Angie made it a fun day

for everyone to share

in a safe place and gently guided us to dig deep

and find ‘me’.

Thank you

- Helen, Workshops