Meet Angie

International Hypnotherapist 

Beliefs and Behaviors Empowerer

Emotional and Somatic Body Trauma Release Therapist

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut! Dis-empowered. Like you are only just holding it together. As though you are trapped in the past and can't see a way forward, no matter what you do?

Have you tried time and time again to make changes and feel that you are just unable to, no matter what you try?

I know these feelings because I was there too! Trapped in my own trauma, stuck in old patterns and the dis-empowering beliefs and other peoples opinions of who I should be,

how I should act and what I should do!

There is an other way that really works. I know because I found it. Now I am here, to help you, not only find your light, but to shine your light bright. Empowered with confidence, self esteem. Knowing you are worthy of living your very best life. From a place of calm, peace, joy and love consistently.

As an International Hypnotherapist working with clients in person and online, Angie lives in the stunning lake and mountainous town of Wanaka, on the South Island of New Zealand. Originally from the UK, Angie has always been fueled by a passion for travel and her adventurous spirit. Angie spent many years working in corporate environments before being awakened by her own personal journey through the empowering abilities of hypnotherapy.

A few years later and more out of an opportunity for further personal development than a planned direction of career change. Angie trained under the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP (ABH-ABNLP). Staying true to her travelling spirit. she decided to see out her training on the paradise island Bali. Angie has since worked with people all over the world, either in person through 5 different countries. Or online with over 26 different nationalities.

Also trained in NLP (neuro linguistic-programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) Angie's passion is to help you understand and overcome any outdated thoughts and limitations of your own mind..To empower your beliefs and bahaviours for a life of controlled and self-empowered action, so you are no longer living in a state of reaction.

Understanding how our thoughts effect our feelings, Angie is also a trained Timeline Therapist. This enables you to not only change the thoughts to more confident and positive, but to release any negative and unhealthy emotions, such as anger, sadness, hurt, fear or grief. As most unhealthy emotions lead back to these primary feelings.

And seeing as our bodies also carry the pain, the illness, the tension and disease that is often caused by our thoughts, emotions and feelings Angie is also a Somatic body and Trauma release therapist and can help you overcome beliefs around your body. And move you from a trauma state to an empowered, content, and confident place of living freely. 



Your Journey Begins on a path of SELF LOVE

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Health Concerns,

Relationship Problems,

Stress, Anxiety, Depression,

Career Confusion,

Financial Fears,

Grief, Loss, Trauma, 

Lack of Confidence

Loss of Self Esteem

and more ...


Making Healthy Choices,

Feeling Empowered,

Staying Calm,

Being In Control,

Focused, Abundant, 

Secure, Balanced, 

Content, Living in Joy 

Confident, Worthy 

and more ...

Healing the Mental,

the Emotional, the

Physical & the Energy



In person or online personal coaching tailored specifically to your needs, wants and desires. Using hypnotherapy, beliefs & behaviours empowerment, through CBT & NLP. Be free from pain & illness with somatic body release. Gain emotional freedom, control and stability for your present, past & future, 

Online Programs

Join online programs for self empowered awareness & personal growth.  'Conscious Foundations' for empowering your Needs. Values & Boundaries. Go deeper for a 'Conscious Life' clearing limiting beliefs & gaining clarity and freedom in all areas of your life.

Along with hypnosis programs .


Claire - Queenstown 

J.A.T - Wanaka

Helen - 'Workshops'

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