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ReUnion Retreat

Sunday 26th July 2020

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A ReUnion of your Mind, Body and Soul. This 1-day retreat brings you together to connect with all parts of your self to ReUnite in Union with yourself by connecting to your mind, your body and your soul.

Angie, Alex and Amanda will take you on a journey into a greater awareness of yourself, in all aspects - With connection and movement from the very tips of your toes, to the centre of you and your nutritional health, connect deeply into your heart and soul and right through to your thoughts and the way your mind works at the very top of your head.

We're bringing you a full day of Body Mind Soul goodness from three expert practitioners in their field. From nutrition, yoga, and meditation, to kinesiology, hypnotherapy and drastically shifting mindsets to growth and abundance

- we've got you covered!

Have you ever thought about the thoughts you think?
Why you believe what you believe or behave the way you do?

Join Angie in a journey of thought, beyond the mindset story. Into the power of changing a thought, an action or a belief. Dive into this experience, take time to explore your inner truth and emerge empowered, connected and in control of your mental, emotional and physical well being with Hypnotherapy and an understanding of the mind's programming.


Amanda will take you on a deep dive into what it means to have a truly Empowered experience through embodied movement, integrated nutrition, and overall Mind/Body connection. There’s a magic that unfolds when you take the time to fully submerse yourself in your internal landscape. Take the time to explore how you can tap into your truth, your power, through choice-driven movement and nourishing nutritional insights.

And now, imagine living your life from a heart centred space, where you are able to communicate with your body’s innate wisdom to tackle any curveball life throws at you!

Alex will take you on a journey to your heart centre, to find the calm in an often all too busy life, introducing you to practical mindfulness and kinesiology exercises. Alex will share with you her passion for kinesiology - a holistic natural therapy integrating Western Science with Ancient Oriental Medicine – leaving you rejuvenated and connected to body, mind and soul.

The best part about this all is that it all takes place in the comfort of your own home!

Here's a look at what's in store...


Sunday 26th July 2020

9:00am - Reception Welcome
9:30am - Live Welcome
10:00am - Alex Bowles - Calm your nervous system
10:30am - Break
10:45am - Amanda Hanna - Brain food masterclass
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00 - Angie Howard - Moving away from ‘mindset’ into mind expansion
1:30pm - Alex Bowles - Kinesiology masterclass and Emotional stress release
2:30pm - Amanda Hanna - Informed and choice-driven movement
3:00pm - Break
3:15pm - Angie Howard - Live Hypnotherapy
4:15pm - Live Q&A!!
4:45pm - Wrap Up
5:00pm - Expo's and Connections


We're so excited to share this experience with you.


Angie Howard - Website:


From more info on your hosts check them out here:
Alex Bowles - Facebook:
Instagram: @shinenatural1y

Amanda Hanna - Facebook:
Instagram: @theselfagencyadvocate

Check out for all the juicy details as you prepare for a deep and profound ReUnion with yourself.

We only have 100 Early Bird tickets available at $97.00 nzd
Once these are gone, your investment will be $127.00 nzd

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