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Mar 14, 2022 - Apr 11, 2022

"Love You More" Online Course

  • 29Days


"Love You More" Online Course is being brought to you after massive success as a sellout "Love Yourself" retreat. This course is now available for everyone to go deeper into their own journey of self love, while being held the collective energy and supportive space of an online course <3 On this 5 week journey you get: + The knowledge to know why you feel the way you day + Skills to change your thoughts and feelings + The understanding of how this impacts your whole life + Awareness to make the right choices for yourself + Gratitude for who you are now and all you've been through + Prioritise you with kindness and love We dive deep into: + Your feelings towards yourself + The reasons why you feel this way + How to feel differently towards yourself You get to explore: + The words you say to yourself + Why you say these words + How to think in ways that love you more You understand: + The way you truely feel about yourself + How this is no longer serving you + How to love yourself exactly as you are As well as Live weekly training and catch up on Zoom: + A downloadable and printable workbook + Weekly emails to keep you present and moving forward. + Join our private facebook community + Videos, resurces and information will be available to you here + Connect with like minded others to experiences with <3 <3 <3




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