Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Past life regression therapy helps us connect to our past, our souls past on its journey through life times.

Could recovering memories from a previous life help you in your current one?

Past lives have helped people unlock trauma, explain anxiety, overcome unexplained phobias and fear

and even given context to aid in overcoming a they are living with today!

For others its purely an exploratory journey of curiosity, to enlighten a spiritual path they are taking,

or to gain more self awareness in this life time.

What blocks limiting beliefs or emotional residues do you want to resolve?

Even though past life regression is backwards looking, in a way that we are going back to the past. We are doing this to be more present in the moment so that we can move forward to a better looking, better feeling future being more confident and at peace.  The actions we're take in past life regressions have the intention to show us a clear picture and connect to the feelings of what the future can be like too.

Here’s what you need to know:

If you’re new to hypnosis:

We start with a hypnotic relaxation induction to a peaceful state that is between waking and sleeping. it's similar to day dreaming. You don't have to try, just relax and focus on my voice and being open with positive intention.

In hypnosis we access the subconscious so you remain aware and in control at all times.

If you've experienced hypnosis before?

You are probably already aware there are many styles of hypnosis, for Past Live's we use regression therapy, similar to an experience you may have had when regressing back to a past moment in your life or to a younger version of yourself.

What can I expect from a Past Life Regression session?

Hypnosis is a relaxed focused concentration to go beyond the conscious mind, we go into the subconscious and the memories and wisdom it contains. There is no unconsciousness in going into hypnosis, we access your subconscious which is more like daydreaming so you stay in control and you can communicate any way you want, and as you remain witness you remember what occurs.

If something significant comes up even while I'm doing the induction you can talk and let me know at anytime, even if I haven't asked a question. You have an open invitation to speak at anytime, this is all for you and about you after all. So you can talk freely with me at anytime and this won't disturb or impact your session, except in the positive as ii will in fact will allow the session to flow as I can ask you questions so you can easily go deeper and clearer into that experience. 

People have different ways of experiencing hypnosis. Often they want it to be like a movie It could be mainly visual with scenes or images playing out.  It could also be mainly auditory meaning you may hear key phrase, or recall conversations or specific sounds from a place in time. For some it can be more of a felt sense of knowing, feeling the emotions.

In a hypnotic state there is no need to edit or analise what you are actually experiencing, whatever it may be. Just tell me simply and clearly what comes up and follow the spirit of the instructions and questions from your subconscious mind, which is the initial thought, scene, feeling or words that you experience.

Allow whatever comes up room to be there without judgement, there is no silly, wrong, impossible or contradictory impressions, just report them as they come up for you and we will accept them and explore them to see where they take us on your past life journey.

Past Life Regression

$ 600

Available in person and online appointments.

In Person

A session is 4 - 6 hours 


2 to 3 sessions

2 hours each session

Booking T&C's apply

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