Relax in a deep state of trance to overcome all that is holding you back, by accessing your subconscious mind to release all that is not serving you. 

Hypnosis is a safe, powerful & highly effective technique to implement sustained changed.

Beliefs & Behaviours


We all have thoughts based on our past experience. These thoughts shape our beliefs. Our beliefs in turn shape our feelings, the way we feel leads to our behaviours which then  become our reality.

In empowering your beliefs  you change your behaviour to be more beneficial and positive.

Somatic Release

Your body reacts to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, but most importantly it reacts the story you tell it. Do you tell yourself you'll never be pain free? You'll never be able to do that thing ? 

removes the physical symptoms of tension, pain, weakness, discomfort and illnesses.

Personal Coaching Program

Personal coaching programs are tailored specifically for your needs. Focusing on your end goals, personal, coaching or business. These programs hold you accountable for change & progress in all areas of your life. With weekly 1:1 coaching calls, additional resources & accountability.

Emotional Release

We hold on to emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt. These can way heavy on us, leading to anxiety, depression, stress. By releasing attachments to negative emotions we create space for more positive emotions and positive ways  of being.

Free 20 Minute Exploration Call

Want to know more about my Personal Coaching Program? Let's chat to find out more about what this means for you. Gain greater understanding in to how you can overcome your experiences and how you can achieve your greatest possibilities. 

Book a free 20 minute exploration call.



New Client 

$ 220

Allow up to 2 hours

Follow Up

$ 160

Allow up to 90 minutes


New Client

$ 500 for 3 Sessions

$ 800 for 5 Sessions

$ 950 for 6 Sessions 

Existing Client 

$ 475 for 3 Sessions 

$ 775 for 5 Sessions

$ 900 for 6 Sessions

T's & C's apply


$ 3,000 for 3 Months

$ 5,000 for 6 Months

T's & C's apply

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